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286,38 kn

Kavo Universal Spray 500ml

KaVo 0.4119640

KaVo 0.4119640

123,50 kn

Unolube Universal Spray 500ml

UnoDent GOU100

UnoDent GOU100

562,50 kn

Gutta Cut Coxo C-BLADE

Coxo C-BLADE Technical:Li-ion chargea...

Coxo C-BLADE Technical:Li-ion chargeable Battery: 1,2V 2400mAhHeating time: ≥2sWorking temperature: 160°CCharger input voltage: AC230V 50HzHeat plunger; F, FM, M, MLVolume: 17,5x10,5x7,5cmWeight: 0.5kg Feature:-double unit rechange is available-delicate handle and very comfortable-single button operate,heat-non-contact rechange design-battery has large capacity, which is capable of 100 times use-4 different shape heat tip, can be sterilization under 135°C-can be used for various kinds of root...

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Kavo QUATTROcare Plus Spray 500ml

KaVo 1.005.3843

KaVo 1.005.3843

3.437,50 kn

Contra Angle Coxo Blue 1:1 LED Generator C-1E

Coxo C-1E Low speed handpiece: 1:1 ...

Coxo C-1E Low speed handpiece: 1:1 direct driveChuck type: push buttonSpray: inner channelBur applicable:cØ2,35mmRotation speed: MAX 40.000rpm Nudimo GRENKE financiranje!SAZNAJTE VIŠE.

1.500,00 kn

Ultrasonic Cleaner Coxo 2500ml DB-4820

Coxo DB-4820 Technical:Ultrasonic Fre...

Coxo DB-4820 Technical:Ultrasonic Frequency: 42.000HzTank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304Tank Capacity: 2500mmDigital timer with 5 cyclesTimer: 90/180/280/380/480 seconds)Power: 160W (AC110V-120V); 170W (AC220V-240V)Unit Size: 35x26x23cm (LxWxH)Unit weight: 3kg Nudimo GRENKE financiranje!SAZNAJTE VIŠE.